Pharmaceutical Trace Detector

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At-Line pharmaceutical manufacturing testing to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness whilst minimising downtime in manufacture.

Key Features

GreyScan PTD-1 offers the pharmaceutical manufacturing process a mobile, fast and easy to use solution.

Minimises downtime in manufacturing from days to hours

Eliminate downtime

At-line testing ensures on the spot results triggering fast decision making and increased uptime.

Reliable results

Collaborative PHD research with global pharmaceutical manufacturers and UTAS optimises the PTD-1 for a full range of drugs.

Easy to Use

Based on the same core module of miniaturised CZE, the PTD-1 has an intuitive simple to use interface.

Augment Current Tests

The PTD-1 provides an instantaneous result in cleanliness, this can be used to augment current testing protocols.

About PTD-1 Pharmaceutical Trace Detector

One of the most costly disruptions to pharmaceutical manufacturing is the time required for cleaning validation between batches. Taking up to five days, the need for sample extraction and analysis using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) testing is eliminated using the PTD-1. With accurate testing, the PTD-1 brings the lab to the manufacturing location and produces results in hours to keep production up and running.

Extensively tested in the labs at the University of Tasmania, GreyScan has partnered with global pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce the quickest and most convenient on-the-spot quality management At-Line cleanliness checks and monitoring between batches, resulting in a dramatic decrease in downtime and significant cost savings for pharmaceutical manufacturers.



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