Pharmaceutical Inline Processing Monitoring

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Alleviating cleanliness check downtimes for significant cost savings.

GreyScan® PTD-1 is based on the same form factor as the ETD-100TM trace explosive detector and is poised to go into the field following extensive testing in our university partner laboratory.

Continuous improvement is critical to the success of organisations in any industry.  For pharma companies, constant improvement is imperative to survival.  There is is huge market potential for more efficient pharmaceutical inline processing monitoring with >25,000 manufacturing sites globally.  All manufacturers must meet regulatory requirements for adherence to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) to supply the US market.

The pharmaceutical industry is under intense pressure to meet strict regulatory requirements and pricing pressures, while evolving to meet changing customer expectations.  Quality problems trigger supply disruptions and shortages and it currently takes a 5-day downtime for inline cleaniness testing between batches. 

GreyScan® PTD-1 solution will save that current downtime, providing significant cost-savings with on-the-spot quality management inline cleanliness monitoring between batches.