Infectious Disease Diagnostics

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GreyScan® TVD-1 and TVD-2 bring world's first virus detection solutions for coronavirus and all future viruses.

Currently, there is no means to establish if the reopened environment is free of virus. SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19 can survive on surfaces creating fomites where the virus is able to spread. Contact tracing and people testing do not contain potential outbreaks fast enough to stop community spread.  Borders, personnel and export produce must be shown to be free of viral contamination; an opportunity to provide Certification of Provenance for exports.

Long term mitigation of this and future viruses can be achieved through comprehensive, cheap and accurate testing in the field with TVD-1, a low cost, fast and simple to use test to confirm the presence or absence of virus in places of work, leisure, food processing, travel and government.

Right now, we have a variety of testing options available including rapid testing for basic screening of SARS-CoV-2 virus via tests such as immunoassays and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Plus, antibody testing for the presence of antibodies and assessment of current immunity.  What is missing from the testing arena is the assessment of infectivity and whether an individual is carrying and passing live active viral particles in their breath.

  • The testing for infectivity provides the ability to understand whether an individual is shedding active and infectious virus particles, and therefore presents an infectivity that can cause a super spreader event.
  • The testing for infectivity provides the ability to differentiate between an individual who may be carrying fragments or dead virus and one who is carrying live active virus.
  • Current tests based on PCR, immunoassay or antibodies do not do this. Therefore, it is possible to test positive with many of these tests when the individual is not carrying live viral particles and is therefore, not contagious or carries high infectivity.

The TVD-2 approaches the detection of the virus particles in an entirely unique and highly specific way. A game changing non-intrusive breathalyser to detect just how infectious an individual is, in under 3 minutes.