GreyScan® Director, Michael Lawrey and Nir Dvorski recently demonstrated the GreyScan ETD-100™ to Dr Richard Davis, the CTO of National Security at the CIVSEC 2018 Civil Security Congress and Exposition in Melbourne. Dr Davis held a similar role in Prime Minister and Cabinet and was the person who originally set up an MoU with the US Department of Homeland Security on fostering tools for the war against terrorism when the GreyScan® technology was first being developed with University of Tasmania, so he is very familiar with the technology and its attributes. More recently, he has helped the company by requesting DST Scientists attend the AFP laboratory testing in March at Majura in Canberra. “Dr Davis’ offer to arrange other trials by inviting Special Forces to a demonstration of the brilliant GreyScan® technology is an avenue that we are very keen to pursue”, said GreyScan® Director Jefferson Harcourt.