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GreyScan is a world class and first to market, innovator and manufacturer of advanced detection tools designed to target a variety of materials including the full range of inorganic explosives materials. We have taken the established and widely used laboratory based, analytical detection technique of electrophoresis and developed a unique product, the ETD-100. This ground breaking ETD is packaged specifically to target the widely used and high risk materials that are inorganic explosives. These materials are currently undetectable at the typical checkpoint, exposing a high risk potential for insufficient detection probability for the full range of threats. Our products and approach to markets such as security and the detection of explosives materials are a focused on enabling a safer world and more confident detection in any scenario, from the aviation checkpoint through to the covert missions of interception.

GreyScan’s mission is simple – to provide ground breaking analytical tools that minimise risk and maximise detection capability, providing peace of mind in any application.


Who We Are

GreyScan is an Australian technology company focussed on the detection of inorganic material. Our initial product offering, ETD-100, is the world’s first automated inorganic explosive trace detection (ETD) device. The ETD-100 is the first device globally with the ability to detect a wide range of inorganic material commonly found in the use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). The device has been developed in response to the increasing global threat from homemade explosives based on fertilizer and other compounds.

Established in 2015, GreyScan was formed out of the Grey Innovation group of companies. Grey Innovation is a leading Australian technology commercialisation company active in Healthcare, Environmental Tech, and Safety and Security sectors, Grey Innovation operates a scalable platform to unlock the world’s best Intellectual Property and fast track it to commercial success.


What We Do

GreyScan is an Australian technology company focussed on the creation of new and innovative technologies; transforming analytical laboratory techniques into easy to use products that are mobilised and deployed in a variety of analytical and detection scenarios. Our initial product offering, the ETD-100, is the world’s first automated inorganic explosive trace detection (ETD) device of its kind. The ETD-100 is the only desktop trace detection system specifically designed and built to detect inorganic explosives materials, typically used as ingredients in IEDs. The system is the first and only mobilised and deployed system based on CZE (Capilliary zone electrophoresis), taking an established laboratory technology directly into the field and into the hands of first responders, checkpoint operators and anyone who wants to ensure absolute detection of the full range of explosive threat materials.

Governments agencies globally, are always searching for ready to deploy solutions which meet the demand of an everchanging threat landscape. Currently deployed and traditional ETD systems, such as those based on IMS, are unable to detect inorganic explosives at a typical checkpoint. The ETD-100 has been developed to stand and operate side by side, the full suite of equipment needed by Government agencies and commercial enterprises, to ensure absolute and accurate identification and detection of the full range of explosives materials.

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