GreyScan’s collaboration verifying the powerful potential of our CZE platform as a revolutionary tool in pharmaceutical cleaning verification has been published in the Journal of Chromatography

GreyScan is pleased to announce that its collaborative research project with Pfizer and the University of Tasmania on cleaning validation in pharmaceutical manufacturing has been peer reviewed and published in the highly esteemed Journal of Chromatography, providing further support of the true potential of GreyScan’s Pharmaceutical Trace Detector (PTD).

GreyScan is leading a revolution in pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanliness checks with our Pharmaceutical Trace Detector (PTD), an innovative device designed to significantly expedite mandatory cleaning checks in therapeutic goods manufacturing. With its capability to analyse samples in less than a minute, as well as its portability and user-friendly operation, the PTD will improve pharmaceutical manufacturing output by significantly reducing equipment idle time, as well as reducing product cross-contamination risk.

To investigate the true potential of the PTD as an effective and efficient tool in determining line and equipment cleanliness in pharmaceutical manufacturing, GreyScan undertook a collaborative research project with Pfizer and the University of Tasmania, the results of which have been peer review and accepted for publication in the Journal of Chromatography:

The PTD represents significant and tangible cost savings for pharmaceutical manufacturers. It addresses several existing pharmaceutical capability gaps, including:

  • laboratory-quality results within minutes, rather than days
  • less down time on production lines, saving significant costs and reducing supply disruption risks
  • portable, and with a strong digital technology and Industry 4.0 component, enabling faster decision making with at line control
  • simple to use with an intuitive touch screen operation and red screen/green screen audible alarms, requiring minimal training for operators
  • back-end advanced analytical tools to allow for more detailed analysis if needed

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