GreyScan is embarking on global trials with soccer teams and governing bodies

GreyScan’s CEO Samantha Ollerton is excited to announce that GreyScan is embarking upon critical global trials with soccer teams and governing bodies around the world to demonstrate the ETD-100’s capability of easily identifying and mitigating the health and safety risks of flares and pyrotechnics being brought into stadia and other public events.

Flares and other Pyrotechnics smuggled into major sporting events, such as football or soccer, pose a significant risk of starting a fire in the stands. Additionally, as flares generate intense heat and extremely bright light, they have a substantial risk of endangering both the public and the players on the field.

Pyrotechnics and flares also present a serious smoke hazard. Inhalation of the smoke generated can cause choking, as well as impair breathing patterns, potentially leading to breathing difficulties and other such threats to health.

Most flares and pyrotechnics consist of inorganic substances that allow for an extended high temperature burn. They contain no metal for a metal detector to pick up and are of insufficient density for an X-Ray scanner to detect. Also, as the active chemicals in these devices are generally inorganic (e.g., Perchlorates, Chlorates or Nitrates), they are also not detectable by conventional trace detection instruments commonly used at airport security checkpoints, which rely on detecting organic chemicals commonly used in military explosives.

GreyScan has developed the ETD-100, a mobile trace detection device capable of detecting the inorganic compounds commonly found in flares, smoke cannisters, fireworks, and other pyrotechnics.

GreyScan is proud to be part of another key mission in protecting the public and preserving the integrity of football.


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