Press Release – Partnership with Field Forensics Inc Announced

GreyScan Australia Pty Ltd, Melbourne Australia is pleased to announce a new commercial partnership with Field Forensics Inc, St Petersburg, FL, USA.

Established in 2015, GreyScan is an innovative, Australian technology company, leading a revolution in measurement devices for chemical analysis applications in markets such as defense and security, disease diagnostics and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Taking the capability of laboratory capillary zone electrophoresis instruments to the field with simple to use, and portable desktop devices that facilitate fast decision making at point-of-need.

Following years of development by GreyScan, the production version of the ETD-100 was launched in December 2021, offering the world’s first field deployable device capable of detecting Nitrate, Chlorate and Perchlorate explosives compositions at trace levels from surfaces. These Inorganic explosive traces, previously undetectable by traditional trace detection methods, are found in over 85% terrorist incidences where Home Made Explosives (HME) are utilised. The ETD-100 brings detection probability to the next level by seamlessly integrating inorganic detection capability alongside traditional organic explosives trace detection, empowering front-line workers with a capability deployable in any check-point or within any screening scenario

Established in 2001, Field Forensics has forged a position in the US security equipment suppliers market by bringing together commercial expertise, innovative products and services and other large government vendors and contractors to ensure the best technology is deployed when and where it is needed. Field Forensics promotes, supplies and supports threat-chemical detection and identification kits, instruments and methods. Specialising in field detection of narcotics, explosives, heroin, fentanyl, chemical weapons agents, home-made explosive and narcotics precursor chemicals, toxins and other chemicals. Their kits and instruments are designed for use in tough environments, where many of our customers operate. They proudly support hundreds of elite military, law enforcement, and security organizations around the world.

Samantha Ollerton, GreyScan CEO says “GreyScan continues to expand its partner network across the globe by attracting companies with specific knowledge and experience in the threat substance detection industry. The ETD-100 addresses gaps in detection capabilities, where conventional IMS based ETD instruments are unable to detect inorganic Home Made Explosives. We are very pleased that Field Forensics has chosen to join us on our journey as one of our key business partners working in the North America Federal markets. We look forward to collaborating with their team, sharing our resources, talent and knowledge in the explosive detection marketplace to address key issues and requirements coming from present and future security needs.

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