ANNOUNCEMENT: Development of the TVD-1

Joining the global fight against the COVID-19 virus, GreyScan has officially launched development of the TVD-1, the world’s first fieldable trace virus detector. The TVD-1 will be the first fieldable fast and reliable screening instrument able to detect the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus on surfaces in community settings (including offices, transportation, day care, and schools) at trace levels.

“When it was first reported in the Journal of Hospital Infection on February 13th that the Coronavirus can live for long periods of time on hard surfaces and be transmitted through surface contact, I knew it was time to act. We are partnering with experts from across the globe to enhance our technology to expose trace contaminants of pathogens on surfaces. As the pandemic subsides, our hope is to lead the effort to prove cleanliness in public and private sector venues, enabling society to resume daily functions and repair the international economy,” stated Samantha Ollerton, CEO of GreyScan Detection.

GreyScan’s technology represents over $25 Million in investment and collaboration with world class scientists in the field of trace detection. Originally developed for explosive trace detection with funding from the U.S. and Australian Government; GreyScan’s unique technology can be adapted to test for the presence of not only the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but pathogenic viruses that may emerge in the future.

Operation of the TVD-1 will be designed for ease of use in the field by not only first responders, but also cleaning and disinfectant service providers globally. The machine is rugged and results are immediately available in the field. The technology used is extremely reliable, protecting first responders and leading the way to reopen society as we know it.

“GreyScan’s mission as a corporation is to identify all surface-borne threats to society and enable first responders to stop them from causing harm. At GreyScan, whether we are testing for a virus or an explosive, our entire team is committed to keeping people safe as they go about their everyday lives,” added Ollerton.

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