ARTICLE: Stocking Filler Technologies

It was great to be part of the discussion in the December 2019 issue, ‘Stocking Filler Technologies: All I Want for Christmas’ by Philip Baum. Off the back of his trip to the International Security Expo at London Olympia, Philip discusses some of the standout security technologies for the future and the shift in industry thinking from a reactive mindset to an innovative ‘radical re-think’ of how we screen people and their baggage.

“…. manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, yet with its roots slightly further away in the chemistry labs of the University of Tasmania, was GreyScan ETD-100. The product can aid in the detection of the more accessible (i.e. inorganic) explosive substances…” 

Read the full article: Stocking Filler Technologies: All I Want for Christmas.

Philip Baum
Transport Security International

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