ETD-100 – Detects more than 80% of explosives others don’t
The world’s first inorganic trace explosive detector recognising the most commonly used explosive materials.
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PTD-1 – Increase profits, quality and uptime
Continuous at-line monitoring provides a greater output of product whilst meeting regulatory requirements.
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Security, Defence and

Providing the world’s first inorganic explosive trace detection.
Trace detection technology is found in security settings everywhere; airport checkpoints, aviation…

Pharmaceutical At-Line Monitoring

Essential to the control of cleanliness and quality, At-Line monitoring during the manufacture of…

Infectious Disease Diagnostics

The modern world with ease of travel, large gatherings of people and broadened social networks, has…

Creating World Changing Technology

Leading The Way in Explosive Trace Detection, Pharmaceutical Monitoring & Disease Diagnostics

GreyScan is a world-leading Australian manufacturing company with groundbreaking trace detection technology that changes the way the world mitigates the growing and extensive threat of terrorism, developing a fast, portable, easy to use, HME(Home Made Explosive) detection device that provides accurate, real-time results.

Established in 2015 and based in Melbourne, Australia; GreyScan’s partnership with UTAS, (a globally recognised innovative research centre), has led to the development and commercialisation of a world-first portable measurement device that brings the ‘Forensic Lab to the field’. Since launching its Explosives Trace Detection device (ETD-100), GreyScan has expanded its technology platform into other markets with the proposed launch of its Pharmaceutical Trace Detection (PTD) in 2022, followed by Disease Diagnostics Detection (TVD).

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