Inorganic Explosive Trace Detection

The GreyScan ETD-100 offers high sensitivity explosive trace detection for inorganic explosives with a simple to operate, robust, mobile device. Inorganic compounds are being increasingly used to fabricate home-made explosive devices. The GreyScan ETD-100 utilises industry standard sample traps, and can be operated with minimal training by first responders and security personnel. By deploying the GreyScan ETD-100 alongside traditional explosives trace detectors, such as IMS, which are designed to target conventional explosives compositions; the chances of detecting the full range of potential explosives threat at any checkpoint, or within any detection scenario is dramatically increased.

The World’s 1st Inorganic ETD Detector

GreyScan ETD-100 is the world’s first automated inorganic explosive trace detection (ETD)

Portable and Field Deployable

Compact and portable battery operated for the field or mains power as applicable

High Resolution Detection

Accurate and specific detection

Market Leading Technology

Increased detection probability – Augments any suite of deployed detection equipment

Simple to Operate

Designed to be used by first responders and checkpoint operatives

Fast to Analyse

Quick results – Takes the capability of the lab to the field with screening time <1min

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